Biodynamics: The best of nature for the best apple cider vinegar

At Coral tree we have a mission: Our aim is to help people tune into nature. Our apple cider vinegar can be considered as bottled sunshine. We ensure to use only the best of natures products and try to preserve them in the most natural form.

All our procedures are driven by this very mission. Allow us to give you a glimpse of how we run a biodynamic orchard which supplies the delicious apples, that are juiced and then fermented to give original and unpreserved apple cider vinegar.

Biodynamics: going one step further

At Coral Tree we believe in going one step ahead. Not only do we aim to reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used in the production of food but also to preserve the goodness which nature has allotted us.

There is a great deal more to biodynamics. The actual focus is on the life force which gives birth to all other living things. We believe in ensuring that we make use of its life enhancing properties. All our management techniques support this process.

It is our mission to ensure that we use growing techniques which complement our environment. While we can use the orchards in an organically acceptable method for growing the apples, we go one step ahead and use the stock to control the grass. It not only helps shorten the grass but manures the trees and keeps the black spot and codling moth to a minimal, without the use of fertilizers and chemicals.

Permaculture: developing sustainable agricultural ecosystem

We strongly believe in permaculture. Our aim is to develop a sustainable agricultural ecosystem so that orchard produces fruit which contains all the natural vitality and life force of nature’s goodness.

Using stock to control the grass is one way of doing so. At the same time we ensure that we are doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint. Our vehicles run on biofuel which is produced by recycled cooking oil. While one can’t avoid the fishy smell eliminating from the biofuel, it is actually worth it because we are giving back to our environment.

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Video: Summer in the Organic Apple Orchard

Another behind the scenes look at how we grow our delicious and organic produce by harnessing the natural energies of the sun. We ensure biodynamic orchard integration along with careful management of natural processes for growing our apples.

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Hi, welcome. Kim from CoralTree here. We’re here at one of our organic orchards just on the outskirts of Otaki. The Otaki River is just behind us here. We’ve got the Tararua Ranges to our left and the coast, west coast here, not far away. Otaki is a really lovely spot on the beautiful Kapiti Coast. We’ve got the Otaki River bringing down all that lovely fertile silts down that have set the Otaki plains here growing. We’ve got abundance of growth happening at the moment. Moisture, there’s been a little bit of a problem this season. We’ve had a little bit too much rain, but things are starting to warm up now. The sunshine is really coming through. We’ve got the longest day of the year happening in the next few days, and the apple trees are really going well.

It is really lovely being in these orchards and there is an energy that sometimes we’re not aware of. I can hear the birds singing here. A little bird flying from tree to tree there, and the whole insect life that’s happening. Normally in an environment like this where we’ve got the herbal leys and the trees and then the bigger shelter trees behind us is hosting a whole range of different things that are going on.

Conventional orchards are run with complete control so there is chemical sprays and insecticides there, and it becomes an environmental desert, but we’ve got this oasis happening here that’s just bringing in all of those diverse elements. The whole complexities, even more complex I think than what we are seeing. There’s a whole lot of different elements coming together here to add that resilience that nature gives us. I hope you enjoyed the first couple of videos. We’ve been trying to introduce you to some of the simple concepts of growing so in the first videos we showed the life force starting and the dormancy process moving into leaves and flowers developing.

The second video we’re showing you the flowers and the diversity that that brings into the orchards and the fruit setting and the seeds starting to form inside as those flowers have been pollinated. Now what we’re looking at is obviously the fruit here is developing around the seed, and the tree has got lots and lots of green leaves, and so the next element I really want to bring in now is the sunshine. That’s the key driver for all life processes on the planet. The trees are simply the solar panels taking that solar energy and converting it through photosynthesis and now building that energy that they’re harvesting into beautiful fruit.

This period now, starting from spring, as the fruit is forming the trees have been going through a lot of cell division and multiplication trying to get that fruit forming and setting. It’s been quite a stressful period for the trees, but we’re now coming up to the longest day of the year which will trigger the tree from the development phase that it’s been going through into that ripening phase where these apples will be expanding and the sugar contents will be rising.

The point I’m trying to work through here is that the photosynthesis from the sunshine, through the leaf converting that energy into energy that it’s transferring into, obviously, growth and branches and leaves, but most particularly into that fruit, so the fruit will be ripening up between now and our harvest time and that’s the sugars that the fruit is offering for us.

What’s happening here, some of the things that I can see happening here. The organic growers are allowing this whole diversity that normally would be chemically sprayed out, and weed strips under the trees. They’re allowing these things that we would normally term weed, but they’re part of the whole natural cycle that nature is trying to work some kind of a balance back into these blocks and using these diverse range of plants. We’ve got right from clovers, plantains, and the thistles, and blackberry even coming through to bring quality back onto the property that here was removed when we’ve come in and disrupted it.

The organic grower is really focusing on trying to allow nature that freedom to work with us instead of against us, and using the things that she’s offering us in a positive way so that it’s helping the trees here to balance. We’re getting better biological activity happening down in the soil. We’re getting much more earthworm and fungal growths happening that are transforming all the leaf litter into good humus so the tree has got a really good strong solid base to be growing, both lovely leaves, and this beautiful fruit for us. It’s so easy for humans to go back to controlling and chemically intervening in these systems to try and do what they think is beneficial, but it just adds a whole restraint on nature. It stops nature from working and giving us the diversity that she sees needs to be put into these blocks.

Thanks for watching, everybody. I hope you’ve enjoyed this third video. We’ve tried to add a little bit more interesting information in for you to explain more of the organic environment that George and Jackie here have been creating, and I’d like to just thank them for having this special space here and allowing us to shoot. Over the next month or so we’ll be taking some shots into the processing plant and showing more of the production of our apple cider vinegar, so please leave any comments and questions below. Yeah. Look forward to seeing you next time.

Video: Flowering & Diversity in the Organic Apple Orchard

An exclusive behind the scene look on how we manage to bottle sunshine and create the world’s best apple cider vinegar with the help of organically grown apples. The key components of our farming is based on biodynamic farming methods. It’s our innate philosophy that diversity results in resilience.

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Hi. Welcome back. I’m Kim from CoralTree. We’re here on a small orchard block that’s on the outskirts of Otaki. I want to show you some of the diversity that’s happening here in our orchard. Come on through, and I’ll show you what’s going on. This time of year the apple trees are quite susceptible to a whole range of different problems. Normally the insect problems or fungal problems would be chemically controlled. We here have got the diversity of the animals through the system for a whole range of different reasons. It’s meat production, it’s egg production, but they’re also doing an incredible valuable asset to the orchard in helping to fertilize it and in particular in the next month or so helping the insect control here under the apple trees.

This is a Monty’s Surprise apple tree that we’ve got here growing. It’s one of the old Heritage variety of apples that we are trying to get that diversity back into the orchards. The Heritage apples will give us that resilience back again. We’ve got a lovely sunny day here today. The bees are out flying. They’re pollinating these flowers that are fully opened here. These are some flowers that petals have fallen, and the stamen have been pollinated. The key thing that nature is showing us is the diversity that she constantly produces. Each one of those little stamen are going to develop into a completely unique plant variety.

This is an old Monty’s Surprise that I’ve just kept in the chiller from last season, just to see how long it’s going to last. I’m just interested to see what it’s texture is still like. It’s obviously starting to deteriorate. This is one of the perks of being an organic grower. Just being able to see and observe nature’s formative processes happening, the 5 petals, the flower is still here in the flesh of the apple.

Thank you for watching. If you want any more information on Monty’s Surprise, the Heritage apples we’re growing here, check out the website, and stay tuned. We’ll be doing another video with some apples growing on some of the other blocks and leave any comments below. Thanks.

I win the silly hat competition

Singapore Food Event: Taste New Zealand Showcase

Next month our founder Kim Baker would be heading to Singapore for a very special event. It’s a very famous event which would be showcasing delicious and high quality food products and cuisine from the beautiful country of New Zealand.

The New Zealand food fair is an annual event. This year it would be taking place from the 23rd to 29th of May. It is a food fair which comprises of a pop-up store at the plaza Singapura, one of the biggest shopping malls located on orchard road. The program would involve around 25 cold storage premium outlets promoting their wares.

Last year around 1500 people visited the plaza Singapura store almost everyday. Visitors can enjoy testing and sampling some of the finest produces from New Zealand. These include artisan cheese, wine and healthy snacks. You can even enjoy the live cooking sessions.

CoralTree has been setting up a stall at the event for around 7 years now. You can get to meet Kim Baker in person. Get a taste of our premium products and make sure that you stock up on our original organic apple cider vinegar. It is bottled sunshine, arriving all the way for you from the green pastures of New Zealand. Last year we had an amazing time meeting loads of our fans in Singapore. We also made a whole lot of new friends and this year we can’t wait for a meeting with all of you.

Do not miss your chance to meet the maker and get your hands on the delicious liquid Sunshine bottled in the form of a premium apple cider vinegar.

Currently we would be there along with premium New Zealand brands such as the New Zealand honey CO’s UMF rated Manuka honey, Jed’s Coffee, Mother Earth snacks, Abe’s Bagels, Annie’s fruit leathers, Harraway oats and Ceres Organics.

CoralTree will be there alongside other premium New Zealand brands, such as NZ Honey Co’s UMF-rated manuka honey, Jed’s Coffee, Mother Earth snacks, Abe’s Bagels, Annie’s fruit leathers, Harraways oats and Ceres Organics.

CoralTree in Singapore: Meet the Maker


This is your chance to meet our passionate leader Kim Baker of Coral tree. He is in Singapore for the cold storage NZ Road Show Event.

You can head over anytime, from the 23rd to 29th of May to the plaza Singapura Atrium to get an actual taste of New Zealand. There is a huge selection of New Zealand based food products on offer. The timings are 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. everyday. Kim would be delighted to offer you a taste of the amazing Coral tree organic Apple Cider Vinegar and tell you about its many benefits.

CoralTree will be there alongside other premium New Zealand brands, such as NZ Honey Co’s UMF-rated manuka honey, Jed’s Coffee, Mother Earth snacks, Abe’s Bagels, Annie’s fruit leathers, Harraways oats and Ceres Organics.

Hope to see you at Plaza Singapura.

Video: First Bud Break in the Organic Apple Orchard

The first in a series of videos that take you through growing the apples and producing the best Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. If you would like to see more of the behind-the-scenes action at CoralTree HQ, subscribe to the CoralTree YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook.

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Hi. I’m Kim at CoralTree. This is the orchard, here, the home block. We have been making apple cider vinegar for the last 25 years. It’s a really exciting time of the year. The flowers are just coming through. I’d really like to show you some of the processes that are going on now and what makes apple cider vinegar so wonderful. Come along for the journey.

This is the apple block at CoralTree Orchard. The buds are only just starting to open up now. The green tip is starting to come through in a few places. These are a later flowering tree. I can’t see much flowering happening on this yet. The key is that this life process is starting to unfold. Here’s an old pruning from last season that has got no life-force left in it. It’s dead and it’s gone brittle. This is starting to move. Come on through the rest of the orchard and we will see if we can find some flowers.

This is a pear tree. We’ve got both apples and pears, here, on the home block. There’s not a lot of other apples that are flowering yet. This is an early flowering pear tree. It’s really going for it. The sap is rising. There’s lots of blossom just about to open and flowers that are open, ready to be pollinated. This life process that’s happening here is the critical bit that’s going on here. Just to try to give you some practical understanding of that life process, this grass here is all alive. When it’s put under stress, when it’s damaged, it will continue to heal itself. It’s trying to maintain that equilibrium and that growth process. The second that it’s cut off from the roots, it will no longer be able to heal itself. That’s going to continue to deteriorate. There’s no chance of it healing and maintaining its balance.

The apple tree is in that flow of life-giving properties. The energy is coming through and wanting to form those flowers, wanting to grow that fruit for us. That’s the energy, the balance process that I want to try and bring into my apple cider vinegar. That’s the important part that gives us that health-giving benefits. When our body is enabled to back to a balanced point, the PH balance is corrected, then the energy and the life force that we’ve got will maintain our health.

We’re at Baker’s acres property here. I just wanted to bring you here to show you the sheep that we’ve got grazing here on the property. Rather than mechanically mowing the orchard, we just try to integrate another aspect of the natural process, here, onto the orchard. It’s all these little things that we’re trying to do to build up that total energy into the apple cider vinegar, making the very, very best of every opportunity we’ve got.

Please, any comments that you’ve got … We’ll be running more videos over the next 6 months. Each month we’ll be coming through with a different stage of the orchard’s progress. So, any comments or questions you’ve got, leave them below. Visit the website. Thanks for your time.