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Recipes for Herbal Stock Drench with Apple Cider Vinegar

CoralTree Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is a safe, organic and complete stock drench for your animals. We can supply in bulk quantities, making this a very cost-effective option for farm management.

Base Recipe

Use 1kg of fresh herbs to 20 litres of Organic Cider Vinegar.   Brew for at least 2 weeks in a warm place, stirring daily.   Strain and store in a dark place – it will last indefinitely.

Herbs to cleanse the body of internal parasites:

Wormwood :Use the flowering tops in moderation due to its bitter taste. The volatile oil it contains is extremely potent.
Tansy:Use leaves and flowering tops, also in moderation, as large doses can cause abortion during pregnancy.
Pumpkin Seed:Ripe seed, as fresh as possible. Crush these up and add to the Cider Vinegar.
Nasturtium:Leaves and seeds. Nasturtium is an anthelmintic and richly medicinal as a tonic and cleanser.
Stinging Nettle:Leaves and roots. Another great herb rich in minerals.

Herbs for a tonic:

Plantain, Dandelion, Chickweed.

Herbs to calm:

Recommended before transportation:
Chamomile: Flowering Tops
Valerian: Root

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