Hi, My Name is Kim Baker

I am fortunate to be the Founder and Managing Director of CoralTree Organic Products Ltd. We are a professional family business, based in Otaki, producing the finest Apple Cider Vinegar and Apple Juices from Organic, locally grown, whole fruit.

We pride ourselves in using only organically grown “old world” apple varieties to create our extraordinary product.

We have recently planted another small block to ensure ongoing availability of the rarer types of apples. CoralTree uses an oak maturation process that can trace its origins to Hippocrates, the father of medicine in 400BC. Our vinegar is often cloudy, due to the fact that we don’t filter and the naturally occurring fermentation process (known as the “Vinegar Mother”) creates a hazy appearance. This is your guarantee of the authenticity of the organic fermentation process.

I am proud to be 100% owner of CoralTree Organic Products Limited.

I am passionate about driving it to be a successful international brand, known for making the best Apple Cider Vinegar in the world.

I am driven by helping humanity become more connected to nature.

A Few Things About Me

  • I bought ‘The Coral Tree’ Orchard in the 80s and converted it to an organic, biodynamic farm.
  • I built my own off-grid home from scratch on the land. It’s a bit of a castle.
  • I’ve assisted a number of growers on the Kapiti Coast to convert to organic production and now buy apples from them to maintain the high quality and integrity that we are known for.
  • In 2016, I had the great pleasure of going to India on the Buy 1, Give 1 (B1G1) study tour and am now a proud supporter of their work. You can read about me and adventures here.

New To Apple Cider Vinegar?
This Is What You Need To Know

  • CoralTree Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is a premium drinking vinegar – a health tonic, a condiment, a little burst of sunshine.
  • Produced from the 100% organic, tree-ripened apples that are naturally fermented.
  • Crafted like a fine wine, our vinegar is matured in oak barrels  for a delicious full fruity flavour.
  • A premium ingredient for use in cooking, cocktails, as a salad dressing or health tonic.
  • Our product is unpasteurised and unfiltered with the living “mother-of-vinegar” for active health.
  • One bottle of CoralTree Apple Cider Vinegar contains 20 recommended doses – 10 or 20 days supply.
  • You can buy CoralTree Organic Products through our online store.

“Kim Baker is a head-strong, heart-strong crusader for the health of people and the environment. A true gentleman to do business with.”

Kim-Baker-of-CoralTree. Maker of the world's best organic apple cider vinegar

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