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We juice New Zealand’s best apples to bottle the world’s best organic Apple Cider Vinegar for you.

Our CoralTree Organic orchard exists to bring you quality health-giving food, produced in an ethical system.

CoralTree Organics started in the late ‘80s (and that was quite a struggle!) It was one of the first commercially certified organic orchards in pip fruit production. By the mid 90’s we were able to run it as a permaculture-based orchard with absolutely no toxins entering the production process.

Once our vinegar got out there, customers wanted more and more of the tangy flavour and strong nutrition. By the mid 90’s CoralTree Organics was a registered company, the first in NZ to be producing certified organic apple and pear juices and Apple Cider Vinegar.

We needed a bigger place

CoralTree Organics is now operating out of a purpose-built processing plant that we designed in sunny Otaki on the Kapiti Coast of New Zealand. We export to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, South Africa and Japan.

CoralTree Organic Apple Cider Vinegar is the best-selling local brand in New Zealand and outsells the larger international brands.

It’s awesome to see the positive response our customers see in their health from taking CoralTree Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.

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The multifaceted dynamo behind the celebrated CoralTree Organics. Zhana’s history with CoralTree and their vinegar goes way back to her earliest memories. CoralTree, for her, is more than just a product, it’s a cherished legacy inherited from her father, one she now proudly carries forward.

Zhana wears many hats. From pressing organic, locally-grown fruit to responding to customer inquiries, she is the human core of every process, embodying CoralTree’s journey from fruit selection to customer satisfaction. With her all-encompassing approach, she captures and supports the natural processes that make CoralTree’s products shine.

Despite the challenging nature of her role, Zhana is ardently devoted, immersing herself in CoralTree’s growth and development seven days a week. Her primary ambition is to enhance CoralTree’s brand reach, honouring her father’s commitment to creating a truly premium product.

After work, Zhana loves New Zealand’s outdoors. Raised on an orchard, her passion for plants and animals takes root in her past and blossoms in her present. Since the age of 17, she has also been part of various business trips taking CoralTree across Asia.

With her at the helm, CoralTree is in capable hands.


I get up every morning, to make humanity more in tune with nature

I’ve got a bit of a stubborn streak. I’ve always run my own businesses – starting off contracting, forestry & sawmilling. But then in the late 80’s my house burnt down. After I lost all my personal possessions the transformative energies drove me to want to create.

It broke my heart to see all the destruction happening. On a personal level, individuals weren’t taking responsibility for their own health. And the large scale destruction I saw happening to the environment. I felt driven to help humans to understand the very privileged position we all hold. We need to appreciate the abundance this planet gives us.

So I did something about it

So I bought an orchard, ran organics and permaculture courses and built an eco-house (no toxic materials). Then I developed a processing option for the surplus apples I was growing. To help grow the vision, I became a foundation member of the New Zealand Organic exporting group. And I became proud Father. It was a busy time!

Proudly passionate!

I am proud to be, 100% owner of CoralTree Organic Products Limited. I am passionate about driving it to be a successfully international brand, known for making the best Apple Cider Vinegar in the world.