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Biodynamics: The best of nature for the best apple cider vinegar

At Coral tree we have a mission: Our aim is to help people tune into nature. Our apple cider vinegar can be considered as bottled sunshine. We ensure to use only the best of natures products and try to preserve them in the most natural form.

All our procedures are driven by this very mission. Allow us to give you a glimpse of how we run a biodynamic orchard which supplies the delicious apples, that are juiced and then fermented to give original and unpreserved apple cider vinegar.

Biodynamics: going one step further

At Coral Tree we believe in going one step ahead. Not only do we aim to reduce the amount of fertilizers and pesticides used in the production of food but also to preserve the goodness which nature has allotted us.

There is a great deal more to biodynamics. The actual focus is on the life force which gives birth to all other living things. We believe in ensuring that we make use of its life enhancing properties. All our management techniques support this process.

It is our mission to ensure that we use growing techniques which complement our environment. While we can use the orchards in an organically acceptable method for growing the apples, we go one step ahead and use the stock to control the grass. It not only helps shorten the grass but manures the trees and keeps the black spot and codling moth to a minimal, without the use of fertilizers and chemicals.

Permaculture: developing sustainable agricultural ecosystem

We strongly believe in permaculture. Our aim is to develop a sustainable agricultural ecosystem so that orchard produces fruit which contains all the natural vitality and life force of nature’s goodness.

Using stock to control the grass is one way of doing so. At the same time we ensure that we are doing our best to reduce the carbon footprint. Our vehicles run on biofuel which is produced by recycled cooking oil. While one can’t avoid the fishy smell eliminating from the biofuel, it is actually worth it because we are giving back to our environment.

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