Beautiful red juicy apples perfectly ripe for harvest and capturing all the goodness into our bottles of CoralTree organic apple cider vinegar

How we Bottle Coral tree

The 22nd of December, summer solstice in New Zealand is the longest day of the year. While it may seem like just another day in time leading up to Christmas, it has a particular significance especially for apple trees. We are dedicated to paying careful attention to these sort of things. We try to produce the best apple cider vinegar.

How does an apple tree grow?

Throughout the year, the apple tree is in constant growth. All its leaves have sprouted and the flowers are pollinated. A number of processes are happening at the same time. The building of the fruit around the flower, the encapsulating of the seed that’s inside and the growth of the boughs and the branches.

It is on this very day of summer solstice that the apple trees take a breather. The tree stops reproducing itself. The robust growth continuing over the last few months is now over and all the leaves have sprouted. Photosynthesis has converted the light energy into sugar which is then stored in the fleshy part of the apple. It is now time for the tree to restore its energy so that it can be prepared for the next cycle.

The sun provides the earth with energy and it is this very energy which allows the fruit to ripen perfectly. When the fruit is ready for plucking it becomes easy to pick the apples which are full of goodness and nutrition. At Coral Tree we make sure that we capture the vital essence of the goodness of the fruit.

Bottling apple cider vinegar

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At Coral Tree our aim is to keep things as simple and natural as possible. Once the apple have been picked, they are pressed to release the sweet apple juice. It is then kept unpasteurized and unfiltered and does not contain any additives. The juice is then left to be fermented in oak barrels. Living bacteria in the juice convert the sweet liquid into fermented apple cider vinegar.

The vinegar is then allowed to mature in the oak barrels like a fine wine. This time given to maturation helps to develop the flavor which turns it int

o a healthy tonic consisting of all the goodness of nature and a burst of sunshine.

We only use the locally grown fruits and press the apple juice into the glass bottles. This bottle contains liquid sunshine and lots of phytonutrients.

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