Video: First Bud Break in the Organic Apple Orchard




The first in a series of videos that take you through growing the apples and producing the best Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. If you would like to see more of the behind-the-scenes action at CoralTree HQ, subscribe to the CoralTree YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook.

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Hi. I’m Kim at CoralTree. This is the orchard, here, the home block. We have been making apple cider vinegar for the last 25 years. It’s a really exciting time of the year. The flowers are just coming through. I’d really like to show you some of the processes that are going on now and what makes apple cider vinegar so wonderful. Come along for the journey.

This is the apple block at CoralTree Orchard. The buds are only just starting to open up now. The green tip is starting to come through in a few places. These are a later flowering tree. I can’t see much flowering happening on this yet. The key is that this life process is starting to unfold. Here’s an old pruning from last season that has got no life-force left in it. It’s dead and it’s gone brittle. This is starting to move. Come on through the rest of the orchard and we will see if we can find some flowers.

This is a pear tree. We’ve got both apples and pears, here, on the home block. There’s not a lot of other apples that are flowering yet. This is an early flowering pear tree. It’s really going for it. The sap is rising. There’s lots of blossom just about to open and flowers that are open, ready to be pollinated. This life process that’s happening here is the critical bit that’s going on here. Just to try to give you some practical understanding of that life process, this grass here is all alive. When it’s put under stress, when it’s damaged, it will continue to heal itself. It’s trying to maintain that equilibrium and that growth process. The second that it’s cut off from the roots, it will no longer be able to heal itself. That’s going to continue to deteriorate. There’s no chance of it healing and maintaining its balance.

The apple tree is in that flow of life-giving properties. The energy is coming through and wanting to form those flowers, wanting to grow that fruit for us. That’s the energy, the balance process that I want to try and bring into my apple cider vinegar. That’s the important part that gives us that health-giving benefits. When our body is enabled to back to a balanced point, the PH balance is corrected, then the energy and the life force that we’ve got will maintain our health.

We’re at Baker’s acres property here. I just wanted to bring you here to show you the sheep that we’ve got grazing here on the property. Rather than mechanically mowing the orchard, we just try to integrate another aspect of the natural process, here, onto the orchard. It’s all these little things that we’re trying to do to build up that total energy into the apple cider vinegar, making the very, very best of every opportunity we’ve got.

Please, any comments that you’ve got … We’ll be running more videos over the next 6 months. Each month we’ll be coming through with a different stage of the orchard’s progress. So, any comments or questions you’ve got, leave them below. Visit the www.coraltree.co.nz website. Thanks for your time.