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Apple Cider Vinegar and Weightloss with Miraculoss: Video





In this episode, Kim visits Fiona and Kimba from Mana Natural Health & Beauty to discuss how they use CoralTree’s Apple Cider Vinegar in their MiracuLoss Weight Loss programme. They also talk about why Apple Cider Vinegar is so important to restoring gut health, balancing digestion issues and resorting the body’s natural processes.

If you would like more information on the MiracuLoss programme visit: or pop along to their clinic at 99 St Andrews Road in Plimmerton.

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Kim:Hi. Kim at CoralTree here. Just brought you along to Mana Health and Beauty to introduce you to Kimba and Fiona, who run the Miraculoss Weight Loss Program here. Come along and I’ll introduce you to them.
Fiona:Miraculoss is a holistic approach to weight loss and weight management. We look at a person’s entire health and well-being, help them to achieve a healthy weight, and balance their body so they can easily maintain their new weight long-term. We love the CoralTree apple cider vinegar for a number of reasons. We incorporate it as a integral part of our weight loss and weight management program. Our aim is to help our clients change habits for the better and develop long-term healthy habits that will help them keep their weight off and to have a healthy, balanced body, and apple cider vinegar forms a very important part of that. We particularly like the CoralTree product because it’s organic, we know how it’s made, it’s very, very high quality, and we get great results with it.
So it’s making small changes to our daily lives that make the biggest difference in our long-term health and wellness, and it’s really great to be able to work with a product like apple cider vinegar that’s affordable and that’s easy for people to build into their lives as a daily habit, and it makes such a big difference long-term to their health and wellness.
We find our clients love it. Once they get started on it, we find that they stay on it for the rest of their lives, and that’s the whole plan. We want them to, because we know it’s beneficial to their digestion. Once a person’s digestion is working really well, then they can absorb all the nutrients and it helps to eradicate a whole host of escalating health problems that could occur when you have poor digestion.
So apple cider vinegar is also really beneficial for detoxing, and that’s a big part of a healthy body and maintaining a healthy weight. Our clients just keep buying it because they know it makes a really big difference to how they feel and how their body works.
We also use apple cider vinegar in a range of other ways. We’ve been known to use it to help people with various skin conditions. You can apply it topically for itchy scalp and psoriasis and eczema. We’ve found it very beneficial from that point of view also.
We really love working with the CoralTree product because, as a supplier, CoralTree are absolutely fantastic. Their product is always of an exceptionally high quality, consistently always the same. They are there for us if we have any questions, we can just give them a call. They’re our favorite supplier.
Kimba:I’ve seen many results with dramatic … People come with very big health issues and they leave with way less health issues. Their doctors are very happy and they just build it into their daily lives after the program. Many of them just keep coming back and it’s a daily, just like we clean our teeth, we do that as well.
We’ve seen lots of dramatic results from people, and apple cider is part of the whole picture. It’s a core product for the program. On a personal note, my daughter needs it every day, and if she doesn’t, she builds retention, fluid retention up around her rings and wrists and ankles and she just knows when she needs it. Her body tells her and it just balances her back out. So we have it in our house. I bought a 5-liter one time.
Our clients come to us with many health issues. Diabetes, very common. Joint health issues, arthritis, a lot of toxicity-related issues. Headaches, migraines, skin issues, liver issues. Lots of digestion issues. Processed food-related issues.
When they finish with us at Miraculoss, their health issues are in quite a different place and they carry on with the habits we’ve encouraged them to do, apple cider being one of them. We see it as a whole food, apple cider vinegar. They also take whole salt, natural unprocessed salt, for the rest of their lives. Their doctors are very happy. Many clients are taken off their medicines. Some of them come in with 14 or 15 medicines and they’re off all of them. We encourage a lifestyle change, and apple cider vinegar’s part of that, and water, and salt, and good probiotics.
Kim:So, thanks for watching the video, and thank you Kimba and Fiona for sharing your story. Please share this video around with any of your friends and family. Thanks for watching.