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Guide: Apple Cider Vinegar, Organic Stock Drench

Apple cider vinegar is beneficial for humans as well as animals. It is a completely safe and cost-effective stock drench. The Coral tree apple cider vinegar is made from organically grown apples. Available in its purest form it does not contain any contaminants or harmful chemicals. It is actually rich in enzymes and gut friendly bacteria. 

Benefits of apple cider vinegar as a stock drench 

  • It helps with digestion 
  • Helps develop resistance to infections and parasites 
  • Prevents mastitis, grass staggers and anemia 
  • Increases milk production and improves the wool yield 

Recommended dosage for all Stock is as follows 


A monthly dose is adequate enough to keep animals flourishing and in good health. Stocks with deteriorated health might require extra dosage to help speed up recovery. Since it is a completely safe and natural product one doesn’t have to worry if they ever exceed the recommended dosage.  

Apple cider vinegar can easily be sprayed on to the hay or added in a drinking trough combined with magical herbs to create a healthy concoction. 

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